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We Repair and Reline Your Dentures!

Cracked Dentures? Bring Them to Our Calgary Clinic for Repairs

Denture repairs may be required when your denture breaks or if you lose another natural tooth and want to have that added on to your existing denture. We can complete most denture repairs while you wait. Dentures may break due to:

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Lack of strength
  • Accidental incidents
  • Excessive bite force
  • Uneven bite contact

In most cases repair is possible. Try to save all the broken pieces and never try to glue them together as it may cause problems with the repair. If your dentures are breaking repeatedly, give our Calgary office a call and we can discuss and identify the problem.

Denture Cleaning

Dentures are exposed to the same environment that our natural teeth are and thus require the same kind of attention and cleaning efforts. Dentures should be soaked and brushed everyday using denture cleaners. If your denture still gets plaque and stains over time, then we can professionally clean your dentures in our office. We also sell some professional strength cleaners at our office such as Renew and Nudent.

Denture Adjustment

When your dentures start to hurt in a localized area that causes you pain and discomfort, it’s time to have them checked and adjusted. We can relieve the pressure and make them comfortable for you.



Relining is the process of refilling your existing denture to the current shape and form of your gum tissue for improved fitting. Dentures are made to fit on your gum bone and tissue and that is where dentures get most of their support. This ridge of bone keeps on shrinking or resorbing, and tissue undergoes changes that result in a loose denture that moves and rubs on your gums causing sores. Food can also get lodged underneath. Loose dentures can affect your chewing and speech and negatively affect your confidence and cause discomfort. Having your denture relined is a common solution to loose fitting dentures. The process involves taking an impression of your gum from inside your existing denture to record your oral tissue changes. This impression is used to fill and modify your denture to incorporate these changes into your existing denture. A denture reline can make your denture fit tighter, providing a more stable placement on your gums. If your dentures are causing your discomfort, call us at 403-516-0555 to speak with us about relines.

Soft Liner

Soft liners are resilient soft reline materials that are used to reline your denture when additional cushioning and comfort is desired. This can be an appropriate option for patients who have excessive ridge resorption, severe undercuts or sensitive tissues that make it difficult to fit a denture. If you have these issues, or you have frequent sores and irritation, soft liners can be used to provide a soft and cushioning layer inside your denture for a more comfortable fit. Soft liners are normally applied to lower dentures. Soft liners can be added to a new denture during fabrication or to a pre-existing denture at any time with a reline procedure.

Equilibrated Dentures

This fabrication process involves mimicking your jaw movement for a functional and comfortable fit.

Immediate Dentures

With immediate dentures, you won’t go a single day without a full set of teeth!

Denture Consultations

We offer free consultations so you can make a confident and informed decision about your oral health.

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