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Don’t Go a Day without a Full Smile with Immediate Dentures

At Beddington Denture Centre in Calgary, we can fabricate dentures for you before your natural teeth are removed. This type of denture is referred to as an immediate or surgical denture. By fabricating your dentures before the teeth are removed, your dentist can insert the dentures immediately following a tooth extraction. These dentures are very popular because they can save you from the social discomfort of going out in public with no teeth and you can continue your social life without interruption. Immediate dentures, however, have both advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Immediate Dentures

One advantage of immediate dentures is having dentures fitted in your mouth immediately after extractions, which not only helps to maintain aesthetics but also helps to stop the bleeding and prevents food particles from getting into open extraction sockets. Also some people find the transition from natural to artificial teeth easier with immediate dentures.

Disadvantages of Immediate Dentures

The primary disadvantage of this type of denture is that it is harder to achieve a precise fit. Because the fitting and fabrication takes place before the extraction procedure, it’s not possible to get an exact molding of your gum line. Sometimes jaw and bone structure can get in the way of the desired aesthetic, and this can’t be checked beforehand like it could be with a traditional denture. It is normal for gums to shrink after tooth extraction, leading to immediate dentures becoming loose fitting during the healing process. Immediate dentures usually require a reline sooner than a traditional denture would. For more information on whether immediate dentures are an appropriate option for you, call 403-516-0555 or visit us today.

Equilibrated Dentures

This fabrication process involves mimicking your jaw movement for a functional and comfortable fit.

Denture Repairs

DIY repairs can often be hazardous and can further damage your dentures, but we can help.

Denture Consultations

We offer free consultations so you can make a confident and informed decision about your oral health.

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