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Boost Stability with Implant Supported Dentures in Calgary

For patients who have had issues with their dentures not fitting properly, who experience frequent discomfort or who have a shrunken ridge bone, implant supported dentures can be a great choice! Instead of suctioning to your gum line, like a traditional denture, implant supported dentures use titanium roots that are surgically inserted into your bone that the dentures attach to. With implant supported dentures, you get the best of both worlds — you have a denture that is more stable than a traditional one, but it is also removable. Some of the benefits of implant supported dentures are:

  • Improved confidence

  • They feel and act more like natural teeth

  • Can decrease gum/tissue shrinkage

  • Food doesn’t seep under the denture

If you’ve experienced issues with dentures or find them to be uncomfortable, call us today at 403-516-0555 to set up a free consultation.

Denture Repairs

DIY repairs can often be hazardous and can further damage your dentures, but we can help.

Immediate Dentures

With immediate dentures, you won’t go a single day without a full set of teeth!

Denture Consultations

We offer free consultations so you can make a confident and informed decision about your oral health.

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